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Heading Home for Thanksgiving? New Yorkers Can Split a Cab to the Airport With Shairporter


A cab ride to and from the airport, like paying someone to do your laundry, is one of the indulgences New Yorkers tend to allow themselves, even when a cheaper option is available. Even more so during the holidays: you’re about to spend the weekend in a food coma with all your judge-y relatives, so treat yo self!

A recently launched startup called Shairporter might help mitigate the cost. The company, which launched a couple weeks ago and is still in beta, helps users split the cost of a cab or black car to the airport. Founder and CEO Winston Wu said Shairporter has a mobile app in the works that can handle things like neighborhood-to-neighborhood rides, but it’s focusing on traveling to the airport because “that’s where the initial need is.” Read More