Tie Me Up, Pin Me Down! The 25 Sexiest Boards on Pinterest

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Betabeat has run a Sexy Week train on Twitter, Reddit, Instagram and Vine over the past few days. We left what we thought might be the least sexy, Pinterest, for last. But when combing the inspirational quote mecca for sexy stuff, we were surprised.

Pinterest, we misjudged you. We thought you were simply where cheerleading coaches and our engaged cousins went for DIY wedding centerpiece ideas and meatloaf recipes. Here’s what we didn’t realize: Pinterest’s pages upon pages of male hotties are where the site’s really hiding the meatloaf. Read More


Six Seconds of Sexy: The 12 Hottest Vine Accounts

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When Vine launched earlier this year, people were shocked that porn appeared on it. Ha, how weird that the first instinct of its users was stick to a camera down their pants and see what happens! The Twitter-owned video service largely cleaned up its act (even workarounds for searching #sex like typing #s3x seem to have disappeared), Read More


Another Sex-Oriented Social Network Launches in Case You Still Can’t Get Any

If all the members look like these two, sign us up. (Screengrab:

The Internet is good for a lot of things, but at the top of the list are weird sex and procrastination. A new social network for randy fetishists that combines the time-wasting capabilities of Facebook and the myriad sex offerings of your favorite porn site seems like a no-brainer.

With a moniker pulled straight from the bowels of startup-naming hell, Nauti Ninja promises to serve up a social network full of people who are open-minded and kinky. “Escape the limitations of vanilla dating when your [sic] much more wildly expressive than that,” the site counsels. Read More