Sexy Times

Sexy Times

Here, Have Some Nekkid Pictures With Your Internets


This morning an intriguing project crossed the Hacker News transom:, a bookmarklet that replaces every image on a page with, um, nude photographs. Of course we immediately experimented with our own homepage and found more breasts than you’d see on Bourbon Street on Fat Tuesday. So it’s a little like Cornify, but for adult content rather than Lisa Frank-like sparkle ponies.

Betabeat could not let such a thing pass without delving a little deeper. We reached out and got a little more detail from creator Matteo Caberlotto, who described it, via email, as “a button that transforms any website into a pornsite (kind of…).” Well, it’s not that much worse than anything you’d see on HBO, but it’s certainly softcore at the least. Read More