Sext and the City

Sext and the City

Study: Kids Who Watch Music Videos Are More Likely to Sext

Cue the sexts! (YouTube)

Because it’s apparently very important to find the scientific reason why today’s whippersnappers just won’t stop sexting each other, Belgian researchers have determined there’s a link between watching music videos and sending sexy messages.

The study, published in the journal Cyberpsychology, Behavior, and Social Networking, set out to determine whether there was a link, amongst adolescents, between sexting and the consumption of sexualized media—specifically music videos and porn. Read More

Sext and the City

Sexting App ‘Hidely’ Does Everything It Can To Keep Your Nude Selfies Safe

Screen Shot 2014-10-22 at 1.37.44 PM

It’s been a very bad year in web security. Only in the past couple of months, iCloud and Snapchat have seen major hacks that have exposed a number of naked selfies to prying eyes. Besides generating nervous chuckles and perfectly understandable (if not hypocritically sanctimonious) outrage, the leaks no doubt prompted many of us to Google things like “How do I perfectly secure my naked selfies?” and “How do I know if I’m naked on the Internet?”

Answer: a new app called Hidely keeps your stash of naked selfies as safe as possible by creating an encrypted locked box on your device that not even a phone thief or hacker could get access to. With Hidely, every picture you take with the app (and anything you import into it) is saved on your device, totally encrypted, and can only be seen through the password-protected app. Read More

Sext and the City

Sorry, Not Sorry: Millennial Couples Simply Can’t Stop Sexting Each Other

What pretty much everyone's iPhones look like nowadays. (Photo: Blogspot)

We’re about to string some terrible words together, so bare with us: millennial couples just can’t stop sexting each other.

The disturbing results come from a new survey that people who are in a serious relationship or co-habitating are the most frequent sexters — and they do it much more frequently than us singletons.

The survey surmises two plausible reasons for couples’ affection for sexting. One is that it’s a new way of spicing up their boring relations–or perhaps they’re engaging in suspicious activities and sexting other partners. Read More