Sext and the City Jail

Sext and the City Jail

No More Dick Pics: Sexting in Kenya Could Land You in Jail

"Baby you look so good at 11 a.m. on this fine Tuesday." (File)

It’s ridiculous enough that in the U.S., teens can face criminal charges just because of their horny text tendencies.

Now, the Kenyan government has taken slut-shaming to a whole new level. In Kenya, grown-ass men and women can now be thrown in jail for up to three months for sexting.

“Sexting or sending obscene messages could land you in prison,” Kenyan daily newspaper The Star reports on its website. “This is according to Christopher Wambua from the communications authority from Kenya.” Read More

Sext and the City Jail

Alabama Parents Think the Best Way to Handle Teen Sexting Is to Report It to the Cops

(LEON NEAL/AFP/Getty Images)

Sexting is a new phenomenon, and some parents are treating it the way adults throughout history have treated the fact that some teens have sex lives–by freaking out and punishing young people with slut-shaming and teen sex witch hunts.

A report from USA Today says that cops in Prattville, Ala., deal with “a sexting-related issue” about once every two weeks, which means, yes, parents are actually bothering the cops with this issue. Read More