Sex and the Alley

Sex and the Alley

Trojan Is Handing Out Vibrators From Repurposed Hot Dog Carts

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It’s the dog days of summer–humid and sticky and icky–so we can’t blame you if you’re looking for some sweet relief. If you’re pining for a pick-me-up that doesn’t involve an icy alcoholic beverage or a slab of street meat, perhaps Trojan can interest you in a lil’ somethin somethin.

According to the New York Times, the company is handing out free samples of its Tri-Phoria and Pulse “personal massagers.” You know what that means. ;) Read More

Sex and the Alley

Anti-Feminist Bombthrower Amity Shlaes Tells Women VCs to Shut Up and Smile

Ms. Shlaes. (

Conservative opinionater, provacateur and frequent feminist-offender Amity Shlaes writes at Bloomberg yesterday that “women win in venture capital when they don’t sue.” Seeing as how women have been not suing for years, and by our count 35 out of the 71 largest venture capital firms in the U.S. have all male partners, we’re not sure the logic holds up. Read More