Surviving These Shoddy Bars Will Get You a $10 Hailo Discount

Betabeat at Johnny Utah's! (Photo: Facebook)

Good news: taxi hailing app Hailo and Coors Light are partnering to give out $10 cab credits at participating bars. Bad news: You’ll have to go to places like Johnny Utah’s to get it.

It’s part of the startup’s #CelebrateSafe program that’s hoping to make the holiday season a bit safer for those blacked out on mulled wine. “We’ll be collecting your awesome photos and reposting so others know to #CelebrateSafe!,” the website writes.

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Here’s a Bunch of Cyber Monday Deals to Distract You From Working

What a steal. (Photo: Fancy)

If your bank account isn’t completely depleted from overdoing at the Gap Factory store on Black Friday, there’s always Cyber Monday. More than 131 million people are expected to spend money they don’t have (us, included) on unnecessary crap this year. But, hey, that portable solar kit isn’t going to buy itself.

So, to enable your bank busting ways, we’ve assembled a list of New York-based companies who’ve slashed their prices to ease your holiday shopping list a bit. Read More


Your Guide to Getting Retweeted by Amanda Bynes

Your coveted destination: Amanda Bynes's Twitter feed. Perez Hilton sympathizers need not apply.

Internet users are probably well-versed by now in the glory that is Amanda Bynes’s Twitter account. One hardly needs to spend a minute scrolling through her Twitter feed before encountering a booty call to Drake, a death threat to Perez Hilton or a topless selfie taken on a bathroom sink.

When it comes to obsessing over Ms. Bynes’ Twitter, it’s one thing to be an avid peruser, but it’s another thing entirely to earn the coveted retweet. We here at Betabeat have tried, so far to no avail. Now, for your convenience, we’ve scientifically analyzed Ms. Bynes’ Twitter feed and concisely determined what it takes to get noticed—and retweeted—by everyone’s favorite wayward celeb. Read More


Gift Guide: The Best Books to Buy for the Technologist in Your Life

14 Photos

Tubes, Andrew Blum

They make great presents, but books are deceptively difficult to give: You don’t want to buy some random bestseller off the front table at Barnes and Noble, but wander very far into the store and it’s easy to become overwhelmed with options. To lend a hand, we’ve combed through this year’s techie-targeted releases (and tossed in a couple of old favorites, as well). Read More


FYI, the New York Public Library is Basically Building a Guidebook for Time Travelers

Call us. (Photo: BBC)

Ever stood on a street corner wondering what your neighborhood looked like a century ago? If yes, a) you are a nerd and b) the New York Public Library is working on it.

Thanks to a 2010 grant from the National Endowment for the Humanities, the NYPL has embarked on a big effort to digitize its collection of historical maps. And for the history-crazed among us, they’ve just posted a lengthy, detailed description of how that project works. Read More


How to Wean Yourself Off Picnik

The last collage the author will ever make in Picnik.

Picnik, the web-based photo-editing tool, is kind of retro. The service has been around since 2007, when Mashable wrote that “online photo editing is now a Picnik.” The service is user-friendly, basic and intuitive, and it became very popular, despite its habit of bogging down the browser. Some people even paid $24.95.

Even though Picnik announced back in January that it would be shutting down the service and refunding its customers. It’s all part of efforts by Picnik’s owner Google’s to force everyone to put their photos into Google+, we know some of you bloggers and other information workers with on-the-fly photo editing needs out there are still using it, and you have to stop.

You have to stop, because Picnik is shutting down tomorrow, for real. Get your photos out, if you have them stored there, and find another service to use. We need a new web-based photo editor to supplement the all-purpose MS Paint.  Read More