Selfie Nation

Selfie Nation

Woman’s Selfie With Stolen Dress Gets Her Arrested

Dummy. (Photo: KFVS)

When will criminals ever learn?

Over the weekend, the owners of Mortie’s Boutique in Illinois said their store was robbed of a rather distinctive “leopard color dress.” The store’s surveillance video showed a woman breaking into the store and taking several items, including that dress. So, they made a Facebook post to ask if anyone in the apparently small town of West Frankfort had seen the dress. Read More

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You Can Now Burn Your Face into Bread With This Selfie Toaster

Just no. (Photo via Vermont Novelty Toaster Corporation)

Just as you were growing concerned with millennial’s obsession with selfies, someone threw them right in with the most important meal of the day.

A company is taking custom orders so you can get a selfie branded onto your multigrain and literally eat your face for breakfast.

“You don’t have to be famous or Jesus to get your face on toast,” reads the Vermont Novelty Toaster Corporation‘s site. Read More

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Israelis Can’t Stop Taking ‘Bomb Shelter Selfies’

2014!. (Photo: Facebook)

As the violent conflict between Israel and Gaza continues, Israelis are passing time in the most 2014 way possible: They’re taking selfies.

The new phenomenon, dubbed “bomb shelter selfies” as reported by the Jerusalem Post, is a group picture of smiling people waiting out their time until the missile warning sirens stop emitting their terrifying noise. A Facebook group dedicated to the trend has amassed more than 1,500 likes in the past few days. Read More

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Spanish Police On the Hunt for Insane Man Who Took Selfie In Front of Charging Bull

Getty Images

Spanish police are searching for a man who took an idiotic selfie in front of a charging bull.

Police say the man slowed down deliberately in front of the half-ton beast so he could take the picture and (most likely) impress his friends about how daring and edgy he is. Per a picture captured by Getty Images, local authorities are searching for a bearded man spotted a wearing a red sweater and white pants. Uh, good luck? Read More

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Leave Hilaria Alone: Why It’s Okay to Instagram Your Yoga Selfies

HOW DARE YOU. (Photo via

You have to be leading a pretty charmed life if one of your chief gripes is the fact that Alec Baldwin’s wife is uploading yoga selfies on Instagram.

And yet, that’s exactly what a few NYC yogis did in the New York Post today. In the story “Celebrity posers have yoga world in a twist,” yoga instructors throw major shade at celebs like Gisele Bundchen, Kaley Cuoco and the aforementioned Hilaria Baldwin. And it’s not because these ladies have disparaged those who practice yoga — it’s because they’re partaking in it too publicly.

And it’s just one more example of critics crying “attention whore!” at women who dare to control their own images using social media. Why do they even care what goes on in another person’s Instagram feed? Let’s allow them to explain. Read More

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You Need to See These Smug Koalas Taking Selfies

This one's easily our favorite. (Instagram)

Step aside, Ellen, because a bunch of koala bears in a Sydney zoo have just become the new masters of selfie-taking.

As Australia’s The Telegraph reports, three koalas at the WILD LIFE Sydney Zoo at Darling Harbour are rising to stardom over their newfound obsession with selfies.

They’re not using iPhones (that would be really hard, given their oddly-shaped paws), but a Sony QX100 camera, which has been installed in their enclosure. The camera, which was reportedly installed a few weeks ago, consists of a small lens attached to a tripod with bendable legs — easy for wrapping around a tree branch. The koalas’ movements trigger the camera to capture images, which are then displayed on a nearby screen. Read More