Screw You Pay Me

Screw You Pay Me

Automate Away Your Roommate Troubles With SpaceSplitter

Mr. Caucci. (

As former undergraduate residential advisors, Rob Caucci and Jeremy Pease have mediated many a dispute. The common theme? All too often, it was money: One roommate just wasn’t chipping in for the weekly post-rager cleaning supplies. After experimenting with two other ideas, they’ve finally pivoted into a solution in the form of SpaceSplitter, a soon-to-launch platform designed to strip all the awkwardness out of communal living.  Read More

Screw You Pay Me

Pay-to-Pitch Comes Creeping Back: How Much Is Too Much?


Entrepreneurs and other startup economy workers have started complaining about rising fees of events around town—the sheer abundance of tech events in New York has us habituated to all-star panels and pizza for $0 to $5. But while $35 classes at General Assembly inspire the occasional grousing, there is one thing that seems to really get the startup community riled up: events that charge entrepreneurs to pitch. Read More