Violentacrez Takes to Reddit to Solicit Sympathy, PayPal Donations

(Photo: Gawker)

Violentacrez, a notorious Reddit user who moderated controversial subreddits like Creepshots and Jailbait, was revealed by Gawker on Friday to be a Texas-based IT worker named Michael Brusch. Adrian Chen’s post, “Unmasking Reddit’s Violentacrez, The Biggest Troll on the Web,” painstakingly detailed Mr. Brusch’s dark online history–including the fact that he has created subreddits for submission of racist, sexist and borderline pedophiliac content–and served as the apex of a brewing inter-website war.

Now, Violentacrez has returned to Reddit under his “clean” handle–mbrutsch–in an attempt to explain his side of the story. In a subreddit for point and click adventure games, Mr. Brutsch surfaced, publishing an innocuous link entitled “Tea Break Escape.” But comments on this link quickly turned to Mr. Brutsch and how he is dealing with the fallout from the Gawker article. Read More


Moderator Makes Controversial ‘Creepshots’ Subreddit Private After Receiving Anonymous Threats

(Photo: Reddit)

If appealing to one’s sense of decency and morality doesn’t produce the results you were hoping for, what’s the next possible route for netizens seething over the unbearably gross subreddit r/creepshots? Threaten the moderators with a healthy doxing, of course.

The Daily Dot reports that moderators from r/creepshots, a subreddit where users can post NSFW photos of women taken without their knowledge or consent, have made the subreddit private after the aptly-named moderator CreeperComforts began receiving threats from an anonymous source. The group of anonymous users said that they would publish the personal information of CreeperComforts unless he took down the site. Read More


Bro No! Scandal Rips Through Brony Community as BronyCon Founder Purple Tinker Cries Slander

(Photo: Purple Tumblr)

My Little Pony is known for espousing virtues of love, tolerance and friendship, but sometimes its fans forget how to play nice.

Purple Tinker, a transgendered LGBT advocate and founder of BronyCon, published a post to her Tumblr yesterday alleging that several staffers working at the Canterlot Gardens MLP convention in Ohio made false claims about her. Purple Tinker claims that she was slandered and libeled when staffers at the convention spread rumors that she was arrested for being hopped up on meth and wielding a knife. Read More


RIP @Bill_Nye_Tho: Creator of Twitter’s Favorite Parody Account Says He’s Done

Mr. Gardner (Photo: Twitter)

When word broke yesterday that Twitter had suspended @bill_nye_tho, a hilarious account parodying every 90s kid’s favorite scientist Bill Nye the Science Guy, Twitter users erupted with a mix of outrage and despair. Someone even created a petition to help save @bill_nye_tho. But the mastermind behind the account, SUNY Buffalo senior Lucas Gardner, told Betabeat in an interview that even if Twitter unsuspends him, he has no intentions of reviving the account. Read More


After Twitter Suspends Best Parody Account Ever, Mastermind Behind @Bill_Nye_Tho Identifies Himself


Update: @bill_nye_tho’s creator says he’s shutting down the account. RIP :(

If Twitter is attempting to foment a violent backlash amongst its most addicted users, it is doing an excellent job. After banning a journalist during the Olympics and yanking API access from third party clients, we are beginning to think that Twitter is being advised by a pompous and unpopular foreign dictator. “Sure, eradicate TwitPic. They’ll never revolt.”

But if we were the fightin’ kind, Twitter’s latest unforgivable move would surely be the last straw. The company has suspended what is by far the best parody account ever, @bill_nye_tho, an absurdist imagining of what childhood science hero Bill Nye would sound like if he was a stoned millennial with a penchant for Internet speak. Read More


New Yorker Cartoon Page Temporarily Banned by Facebook Because Nipples

The titillating cartoon in question. (Photo: Mick Stevens, The New Yorker)

Despite what those skimpy bikini pics in your news feed might indicate, Facebook has really been cracking down on nudity recently. Even camel toes are inappropriate now! But what about cartoon imagery? Surely line-drawn naked bodies are art, are they not?

Actually…not. Turns out Facebook has become so prudish that they temporarily banned the New Yorker’s official page because one of its cartoons was deemed too racy. Read More


Bad Faith, Fido! Was Boo the Dog a Facebook Marketing Ploy This Entire Time?

(Photo: Facebook)

In a shocking revelation that rocked the internet today, AllThingsD exclusively reported that Boo the Dog, the internet’s most beloved pup, is embroiled in a brutal nepotism scandal that calls his fame—and even his cuteness—into question.

The revelation has even led some to call him the “Lena Dunham of the dog world.”

Despite a rabid following on social networking sites, the identity of Mr. Dog’s owner has never been revealed … until now.

According to AllThingsD, Mr. Dog’s owner is one Irene Ahn, a high-ranking finance lead at the controversial social networking website Facebook. Curious, isn’t it, that Mr. Dog boasts close to 5 million fans on Facebook, where his owner’s boss is banking on that kind of user engagement? And with a powerful parent like that, he surely didn’t earn those fans through sheer cuteness alone. Read More


Bitly Responds to Redesign Blowback: ‘Keep the Feedback Coming’


Link sharing service Bitly angered the Internet earlier this week with a convoluted redesign that obscured one of its most favored functionalities, URL shortening for Twitter. Even Roger Ebert was really mad about it, and if anyone is an accurate portrayal of the zeitgeist, it is clearly him.

Following the debacle, Bitly took to its blog to defend itself against the hoards of furious Internet types, writing, “We’ve clearly heard the concerned feedback of our users who were used to the old bitly and relied on our service for daily usage….We’ll continue to quickly iterate based on what we hear from all of you, so keep the feedback coming!” Read More


Unforgivable Bitly Redesign Angers Internet

How does that fish keep up his spirits in times like these? (

New York-based Bitly is determined to establish itself as more than just a link shortening device and today unveiled a redesign to position itself as a bookmarking tool. Unfortunately, it’s been a terrible flop so far, at least according to the reactions on Twitter. Some were intrigued by the souped-up analytics and sharing mechanisms, but people who were used to navigating over to Bitly for a split second just to shorten a link were annoyed by the unnecessary changes. Even Roger Ebert was pissed! See for yourself. Read More