Sad Things

Sad Things

Teen Found Dead After Apparently Texting ‘OMG I Think I’m Being Kidnapped’


A 14-year-old Michigan girl was found dead after taking her dog for a walk. Between the time that she left her house and her body was found, she apparently texted her boyfriend, “OMG.. I think I’m being kidnapped,” Fox Detroit reports.

A police chief told Fox he could confirm that the message was sent from victim April Millsap’s phone but wouldn’t go into further detail. Read More

Sad Things

Two Die Attempting to Pull Dropped Cell Phone Out of Knee-Deep Cesspool

An example of a pit toilet system. (Photo via Wikipedia)

Two people died in China and others were injured after trying to pull a dropped cell phone out of an open-pit toilet, CNet reports.

A woman dropped the phone, worth around $320, into the dry toilet system. Her husband jumped in to knee-deep waste to try and find it, but soon couldn’t breathe and lost consciousness. His mother and the owner of the phone soon followed, also passing out from the fumes. Read More

Sad Things

Personal Science Pioneer Seth Roberts Passes Away

Seth Roberts (

Yesterday I got the most unexpected and most awful of texts.

My friend, the peerless professor and scientist Seth Roberts had died. According to his sister, who posted on his popular blog, Seth collapsed while hiking over the weekend.

The news hit me extra hard because on Wednesday Seth had submitted what was to be the first of a long awaited column here at Betabeat called “Personal Science.” And worse, I was overloaded and I put off responding. I starred the email and intended to respond today. Read More

Sad Things

Startup Workers In Soho Run Smack Into the Neighborhood’s Past

Soho. (

It’s no Flatiron, but these days Soho is a popular place to locate your startup. One building alone, 568 Broadway, is home to Thrillist, Foursquare, ZocDoc, and 10Gen. But it wasn’t so long ago that the neighborhood was an entirely different beast, and today offered a pretty bleak reminder as FBI investigators closed a stretch of Prince Street. They were digging for the body of first grader Etan Patz, who vanished 33 years ago and inspired a nationwide kidnapping panic.  Read More