Rough Days

Rough Days

We Can’t Figure Out Who This Failing Startup Is Because There’s Just Too Many Candidates

(Photo: Andrew-Hyde, via Flickr)

One lonely, stressed-out startup dude has caused a stir on Hacker News today, with the introduction of a Tumblr called My Startup Has 30 Days to Live. It’s exactly what it sounds like, a cri de coeur from someone whose company is likely headed into its death spiral.

According to the anonymous entrepreneur, his company was “bootstrapped, lean and already providing (in a small way at least) for the needs of my family and that of my co-founder” when it entered an accelerator.

They were quickly talked out of their desire not to raise a seed round and became “thoroughly convinced that we had to continue on the VC rocket-ship in order to matter to anyone.” With the VC money came advisors who told them things like, “Cut out that pesky client that generates 80% of your revenue, they’re a distraction on the road to executing $OUR_BIG_VISION.” Read More