Rise of the Machines

Rise of the Machines

Soldiers Are So Emotionally Attached to Their Combat Robots, They Hold Funerals For Them

"ILU BB" - a solider. (Photo: Army)

The battlefield can be a lonely and often times depressing place for soldiers. So much so that they are attributing human feelings towards the robots they regularly use on the job. A new study out of the University of Washington discovered that military members are personifying their robots by giving them names, personality traits and even apply empathy toward them when they “die.” Read More

Rise of the Machines

Near-Field Communication Means Pretty Soon Our Cars Can Argue With Each Other

Your future ride (Wikipedia)

A report from WNYC’s New Tech City indicates that in addition to driving themselves, our cars may one day be able to have conversations, as well. New Tech City’s Manoush Zomorodi questioned Transportation Nation‘s Alex Goldmark in the clip below and Mr. Goldmark said the future is in machines using Near-Field Communication (NFC) to communicate via shortwave.

Mr. Goldmark’s description of life with machines chattering around us sounds great, on the surface: Read More

Rise of the Machines

Someone Call Sarah Connor, Google’s Brain Machine Learned to Recognize Cats


No big deal or anything. Don’t be alarmed. But Google’s secretive computer network simulating the human brain has learned to recognize cats. On its own. With no hints from its mortal creators. AH-HA! So this is how Skynet will begin.

The project, of course, comes out of Google’s clandestine X Labs, the same futuristic outfit responsible for augmented reality on your face and cars that drive themselves. Geeze, they just can’t make humans obsolete fast enough, can they? Read More