Ridiculous Listicles

Ridiculous Listicles

10 Startups, Ranked in Order of Hotness

Path? That's hot. (

The climate for Internet startups is heating up. Startups are closing rounds faster, getting popular more quickly, scoring higher valuations and getting acquired with increasing greediness. As local luminary and angel investor Chris Dixon notes, the preponderance of hockey stick growth among the top tier of startups is creating a heavy set of expectations that weighs upon the littler startups. These A-list startups are like the impossibly pretty cheerleaders or the improbably studly jocks who discourage the rest of the high school with their sheer existence. They’re the “it” startups, and they can do no wrong. In other words: they’re hot.  Read More

Ridiculous Listicles

10 Monetization Tips for The New York Times, Using Start-Up Logic

Timesman and Twitter hero David Carr.

Betabeat recently saw Page One, a documentary about the death of journalism as related by the reporters on The New York Times media desk, and we realized that, much like many web start-ups, the Times and other news organizations are racing to come up with a viable business model before it’s too late. Sequoira is floating Tumblr; Carlos Slim is floating the Times.

And considering Steve Jobs, Eric Schmidt and Cheezburger CEO Ben Huh have all pledged to help the news industry monetize its users, we decided to apply start-up logic to the Times’s problem: Read More