Rental Renegades

Rental Renegades

‘Rent a Mourner’ Helps the Deceased Look More Popular at Their Funeral

Rihanna is not available for rent. (Photo: Sandra Rose)

Death is no excuse to flout the social hierarchy and appear unpopular. If it’s a Wednesday, you will be buried in pink. And if you’re worried about how popular you’ll seem once you’ve taken your last breath, look no further than Rent a Mourner, a U.K.-based company that allows the family of the deceased to rent crying people to place strategically at funerals. Read More

Rental Renegades

Airbnb for Yachts Is Now a Thing

Pretend to be Jay-Z and Beyonce, if only for a day. (Photo: We Got This Covered)

Not all of us can afford luxurious yachts on which to sunbathe and drink Moet and count our jewels, no matter how hard we wish to be Captain Larry Ellison. But a new startup in Athens, Greece wants to help everyone feel like a glamorous seafarer, if only for a day. Read More

Rental Renegades

StuyTown Sleuths are Coming for Your Airbnb Listing

(Photo: Stuy Town Report)

Apartment listing service Airbnb has had its share of problems. While the potential for a vacationer to trash your apartment is always in the forefront of a renter’s mind, one thing that local East Village residents must now contend with: vigilante neighbors looking to tattle on them.

According to the New York Times, a collection of amateur sleuths has assembled at the massive Stuyvesant Town apartment complex on the East side to wage war against neighbors that have listed their units on Airbnb. Read More