Release the Memes

Release the Memes

Boasting of 100M Monthly Unique Visitors, Imgur Sidles Out of Reddit’s Shadow

BRB, freebasing some memes.

Never let it be said you can’t build a business on viral images that’d make a Sunday school teacher’s eyes bleed. Today Imgur, the image-sharing site long considered the Gary Walsh to Reddit’s Selina Meyer, announced that it’s hit 100 million monthly unique users, landing the site at number 28 on’s ranking of top sites.

In a chat with Betabeat, the company’s leaders, CEO Alan Schaaf and COO Matt Strader, were careful to underline diplomatically all the ways Imgur has expanded beyond its role as the cobbled-together infrastructure of Reddit. Read More

Release the Memes

Girls Star Allison Williams Goes to Sea World, Leaves a Meme

Screen Shot 2012-12-13 at 5.55.56 PM

Earlier today, someone posted to Reddit a rather cute picture of Girls star Allison Williams getting cozy with a sea lion on a visit to Sea World. The marine mammal has leaned in as though sharing a confidence, and Ms. Williams has a look of delighted shock. The caption: “Must be a crazy secret.”

And so a meme–“crazy secret”–was born. And like so many memes, some instances are infinitely more charming than others. For example, this is pretty cute: Read More

Release the Memes

Please God Don’t Let ‘Milking’ Become a Thing

Taylor would never (Photo:

Oh god. Fresh out of the U.K. and the dairy aisle comes “Milking,” a new internet craze. To be a “milker,” one must stand in a public place and dump an entire jug of milk over one’s head. It’s an extraordinary waste of food and time, but kind of amazing to watch in the worst kind of way.

But what is it with wasting dairy products for the sake of some public reactions? Is “coning,” the act of sticking an ice cream cone onto your head while going through a drive-through to blame? This is the worst Internet trend since planking. Read More