Airbnb CEO Issues Mild Response Case of the Homewrecking Guest, Its Biggest Public Relations Crisis Yet

Airbnb's reputation.

The terrifying blog post that blew up on Hacker News yesterday–we saw it via Jason Kottke, which shows you it was making the rounds even though it was a month old–about what happens when Airbnb guests go bad, is by far Airbnb’s worst public relations crisis yet.¬†Worse than the Craigslist spam; worse than the possibility that the service in some cases¬†technically violates a New York City law.

While the victim may have been a bit overdramatic in her retelling of the story, and also appears to have been remiss during the due diligence phase, we expected Airbnb–the company that sold Obama-themed cereal while it was bootstrapping and whose CEO spent a year homeless so he could use the service all around San Francisco–we expected such a creative, marketing-minded start-up to bend over backwards to fix this woman’s life. $1 billion valuation? Get this woman a house! Read More