Is IAC Trying to Sell Off Half of Vimeo?


It’s possible that beloved New York startup scene original gangsterĀ Vimeo could go the way of Seamless or Reddit, startups that spun out from their corporate owners.

IAC is seeking new investors to buy up a 25 percent stake in Vimeo, theĀ video-sharing platform best known for being prettier than YouTube, as PandoDaily’s new ace of the East Erin Griffith reported last night. While Ms. Griffith misspelled co-founder Jake Lodwick’s name and at one point identified IAC as IAB, we’re taking this story seriously. Is IAC, the owner of a wide range of successful ( to dubious (The Daily Beast) to very dubious (, still identified as AskJeeves in SEC filings), really trying to sell half its hippest property just as Vimeo launches a major redesign? Read More