NYC Redditors Meet IRL, Share Bacon Muffins, Lulz, Loneliness

Not to much to add to this wonderful video. It’s a short interview with user DomCash, who reads the site every day, is more of a lurker than a poster and appreciates that everyone else also came to the meetup alone. He hasn’t tried the bacon muffins yet, but worked up an appetite tossing the Frisbee. His favorite sub-reddits are jazz and when’s got nothing better to do, a few rage comics. “It’s like a dream,” says DomCash. Goodness after the jump… Read More


Reddit Gets a General Manager; Plus Alexis Ohanian Back On as Adviser


Reddit announced some big hiring news today: Longtime community manager and Brooklynite Erik Martin, a.k.a. hueypriest, is being promoted to general manager and moving to the company’s San Francisco office. Additionally, Reddit original gangster Alexis Ohanian, who co-founded the company with Steve Huffman, is returning as an adviser to Conde Nast. “It’s pretty strong signal here from Conde Nast that they see the potential that Reddit has,” Mr. Ohanian told Betabeat. Read More


IAmA Day With Fog Creek’s Joel Spolsky

reddit bobblehead

It’s awesome that the folks at Reddit keep doing our job for us. Today they put one of our favorite New York entrepreneurs, Joel Spolsky, in the internet hot seat. He quickly got the commenters fired up by noting in his bio that Fog Creek distributes all it’s profits among employees.

Reddit user Samdumb got the trolling started. “I think that’s misleading. You and your co-owner are both employees and are presumably receiving the vast majority of that money.” Read More