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Why This 14-Year-Old Liberian Ebola Survivor’s Reddit AMA is So Important

Mohammed's Ebola survivor certificate. (Imgur)

There’s no denying that America has moved on. The fear mongering news segments have subsided, no one in the U.S. is infected and our country is not at risk. Ebola just isn’t on our minds any more.

Yesterday afternoon, a 14-year-old Ebola survivor from remote Libera named Mohamed hosted a Reddit AMA where he bravely discussed the loss of several close family members and his own struggle to survive. Read More

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Guy Pulls In $40K, Quits Day Job by Selling Shirts That Say ‘DICK BUTT’

This is one of ShirtWasCash's most popular designs. (Twitter)

Here’s yet another reason to wonder why you ever worked so hard to find a nine-to-five job.

The founder of ShirtWasCash, a site that prints T-shirts with designs submitted by creepy redditors users, announced in a recent blog post that he’s already earned $40,159 from his bizarre online company. Now, he’s quitting his day job to pursue Internet-inspired T-shirt making full-time. Read More

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Man Helps Fellow Redditor Find His Missing Mother

A photo joshgoldberg89 posted of his mother, May. (Imgur)

The Reddit community has really been impressing us this week. First, it managed to give a baby a really nice name. And now, it’s helped a man locate his missing mother.

Yesterday, redditor joshgoldberg89 posted on the site that his 59-year-old mother, who suffers from severe dementia, had gone missing in NYC. He had contacted the NYPD and several missing persons organizations, and was putting up fliers in surrounding areas, but he also hoped the People of the Internet might be able to help him in his desperate search: Read More

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Here are the 17 Greatest Moments From Lil Jon’s Reddit AMA

18 Photos


We knew Lil Jon was good at making music (“Yeah!” was an instant classic on the mid-2000s bar mitzvah circuit), and that he also did pretty well on Celebrity Apprentice (yep, we watched that).

But as of yesterday, we now also know the 43-year-old rapper is capable of hosting the greatest Reddit AMA we’ve ever seen — yes, greater even than that guy with two dicks. Read More

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Snoop Asked Himself a Question About His Own Weed Habits on Reddit

Mr. Lion (Photo:

Snoop Lion, formerly known as Snoop Dogg, of course, took to Reddit today to answer some important questions in his very own Ask Me Anything thread. Mr. Lion told Redditors that the best show he ever played was at last year’s Coachella and that he smokes 81 blunts every day, seven days a week.

It was everything you’d expect a AMA with Snoop Lion to be.

But about halfway through his hive mind interview, Mr. Lion either got bored of answering questions or was just too high to keep going, so he decided to quickly quiz Reddit on his own weed smoking habits instead. Read More

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Louis CK Takes to Reddit for an AMA: ‘I Have Zero Idea What’s About To Happen’

AMA's Newest Star, Louis CK.

Louis CK’s had a pretty unlikely career: After a bunch of failed television shows, the man commonly known as the comedian’s comedian finally had a hit with his latest—Louie, on FX—when he was given the creative autonomy to do what he wants with it. It’s all too fitting, then, that he’s taken today to Reddit’s famous AMA (or: Ask Me Anything) forum, about as likely an unlikely viral success as Louis CK himself. Read More