Before ToVieFor’s Corpse Is Cold, TechStars Alum Melanie Moore Launches New Fashion Startup


TechStars New York alum and co-founder of the high-flying-for-a-while-but-now-defunct ToVieFor Melanie Moore didn’t mourn for long. ToVieFor closed up shop just months after it graduated from the local TechStars incubator–Ms. Moore penned a long and thoughtful post-mortem with her reflections on the fashion industry. “No regrets,” she told Betabeat.

Apparently. “Hurricane Melanie” has already launched into her next project, another fashion startup with Girl Develop It co-founder Sara J. Chipps. “We got our first customer (and she bought the largest subscription option)!” Ms. Moore wrote in an email to Betabeat. “We have only sent the site out to about 20 people, so that’s a great conversion rate. Very exciting.”

Indeed. The new startup, Elizabeth & Clarke, is a subscription-based delivery service for “women’s basics” like “designer-quality white shirts, delivered to your door each season, for under $30.”

That’s the business? Every three months, you get a box of white shirts? Read More