Reality Check

Reality Check

Bing Spokeswoman and Former Hills Star Kristin Cavallari Swears She No Longer Uses Google


Kristin Cavallari descended on Silicon Alley this morning to judge a Halloween costume contest at Spirit Halloween. Why was the former Hills star jumping around the alley judging silly contests in the middle of the day? Well, the ghoulish competition was sponsored by Bing, which KCav now endorses.

Ms. Cavallari just had her baby ten weeks ago and she looks like she did in the first season of Laguna Beach. While all of the other reporters were busy asking her about little Camden Jack, Betabeat wanted to know if Ms. Cavallari was actually in fact a Bing user or if she was still searching with Google on the sly. Read More

Reality Check

Quora Asks What Murder Feels Like; San Quentin Inmates Oblige

Brian Wong and Friends (Photo:

Quora is the site where headsdown homebodies ask other sheltered types questions like, “What are some things I’d be shocked to learn about the outside world?” But now that Quora is over three years old, it seems as if they’re finally going into the real heavy stuff.

A question posed under the topic “Murder,” asked, “What does it feel like to murder someone?” Some inmates from San Quentin State Prison opened themselves up, providing deeply personal answers that offered up something rare on Quora: a glimpse of life far, far away from the tech bubble. Read More

Reality Check

Pitiful Silicon Valley Resident Asks Quora to Explain The Outside World

(Photo: Rosie Says)

Listen, we understand the desire to reside in a big ol’ tech bubble. It’s so warm and cozy here, with beanbags for office chairs, free lunches prepared by gourmet chefs and cashed-out friends lending you spare Burning Man costumes. Why would you ever want to leave?

But sometimes the need for a reality check burns a hole in your chest, just beneath your hand-sewn, perfectly tailored Everlane shirt. While whipping through the city in an Uber expensed to your corporate card, you might grow a little wistful, hot tears fogging your Warby Parker specs. As you listen to MGMT on the iPod you got as a company Christmas gift, you might become nostalgic for a time when “pitching” referred to baseball and you could easily relate to How The Other Half Lives. Read More