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Reality Bytes

Online Series @SummerBreak is ‘Laguna Beach’ Told Through Twitter

World, meet Trevis. Trevis, world. (Screengrab: Instagram)

Just in case “Laguna Beach” didn’t GO THERE enough to satisfy you, Hollywood producer Peter Chernin has created a reality show that you can follow through the Twitter, Instagram and Vine accounts of nine teens.

That’s 27 accounts. Seems excessive, but when we were teens, 27 official platforms dedicated to “Laguna” or “The O.C.” would have induced tears of joy. Read More

Reality Bytes

How The Hills’ Spencer Pratt Landed at the Center of a Complex Piece of Twitter Performance Art

(Photo: Twitter)

For the past three weeks, the Twitter account of The HillsSpencer Pratt has sounded nothing like the notorious MTV villain we all love to hate. Typically comprised of random bro-ish missives and retweets from celebrity magazines with links to articles about the antics of he and his wife, Heidi Montag, the tone of his Twitter began to change as soon as 2013 hit. What exactly happened to the infamous Mr. Pratt?

On January 1st, Ms. Montag tweeted that, following a New Year’s Eve blowout, Mr. Pratt had lost his phone in London just before the duo were set to tape a season of Celebrity Big Brother. The next day, January 2nd, Mr. Pratt began tweeting again, but he sounded nothing like himself. “Testing…testing…,” he wrote. “Yes, cheers, everyone, this is actually Spencer Pratt!” Read More