Reality Bites

Reality Bites

Show Biz Isn’t Done With You Yet, Startups: Here Comes Not-a-Reality-Show ‘Alley Girls’

Really, though?

The entertainment business has gotten wind of this whole startup thing and now there’s no getting rid of them. The latest attempt to cash in: a work-in-progress called “Alley Girls,” which is “a new series about women working and building companies in Silicon Alley.” Valleywag reports the project is currently seeking interviewees for a sizzle reel in the making, shooting next Thursday at the offices of Inc. and Fast Company.

But the creators (including Left Brain/Right Brain Productions) insist this isn’t anything like that Bravo travesty which shall remain nameless. No, they’d have us believe this is really more of a documentary project.  Read More

Reality Bites

Reality Check: Did Bloomberg TV Show Taint the TechStars Brand?

Bloomberg's TechStars finale, which included a cast reunion.

The finale of the TechStars reality show is out, and it’s starting to look like Bloomberg took the Davids for a ride. Everyone in TechStars was required to participate–Bloomberg kept referring to the show as a documentary, and the program directors insisted it would be good publicity for everyone. “Tisch and Cohen fought VERY hard to make sure the finale episode was positive,” Melanie Moore, one of the first New York session alumni who was uncharitably portrayed, wrote on Hacker News last night when her blog post, “TechStars, Lies and Videotape,” hit the front page. “They felt just as disappointed and betrayed by Bloomberg as I.”

The show stitched together unrelated scenes and built a narrative that was in places entirely fabricated. It made Ms. Moore look like a ditz, David Tisch look like jerk and Jason Baptiste look like a braggert. But how did it make TechStars look? Read More