Randi Zuckerberg Wants a Few Minutes to Talk About Your Tech Addiction

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“The car sitting there—it’s not good or bad. It’s the driver that gets in it,” Randi Zuckerberg informed the Transom, explaining her philosophy of how to behave online. “I think for every opportunity that technology creates, it also creates other problems,” she added. “It’s up to us to figure out how we put some etiquette and some rules around this Wild West.”

We were in a small back room in the Union Square Barnes & Noble with the author, who had just finished a Q&A withArianna Huffington about her new books, Dot Complicated for adults and a picture book simply titled Dot. (She also runs a website of the same name). Decked out in polka dots, Ms. Zuckerberg was both chipper and stubbornly on-message about the importance of tech/life balance. Read More


Randi Zuckerberg Has Written a Picture Book About How Kids Should Step Away from the Internet

Cool dog. (Dot Complicated)

Start-ups: Silicon Valley didn’t exactly set the world on fire, but that doesn’t mean Randi Zuckerberg has limited her endeavors to blogging at her own site, Dot Complicated, and bumping into Rick Ross at launch parties. She announced today that she’ll be releasing a children’s book about how kids maybe shouldn’t spend all their time on the Internet.

Your signed copy is in the mail, Mark. Read More


Here Is Randi Zuckerberg’s Broadway Debut

(Screencap: YouTube)

Today Bravo producer and famed Facebook sibling Randi Zuckerberg tweeted a YouTube video that captured a very exciting moment for the spotlight-hungry entrepreneur. Not content to be outshone by her brother Mark, who debuted a new Facebook feature just an hour prior, Ms. Zuckerberg announced that she’d had a walk-on role in a Bay Area edition of the Broadway musical Anything Goes, arranged by the theatrical company SHN San Francisco. Read More


Start-Ups Silicon Valley: In Which Our Recapper Inadvertently Makes His Bravo Debut

spencer chen start-up silicon valley

Dear 20 or so religious recap followers,

You probably noticed that I took last week’s episode off. I could give you a list of reasons: it was really busy at work, I was trying to wind down for Thanksgiving, and catching the West Coast feed starting at 10 p.m. Pacific is a bitch. But ultimately, I just didn’t feel like watching it. The first two episodes left me narcoleptic and an unopened Xbox game seemed like more fun.

But Nitasha, Betabeat’s editor, convinced me to give it one last try. Well, I’m glad I did. I managed to stay awake for the entire episode! And it was definitely the most authentic of the season. It may have helped that I was getting texts from Gabe Rivera, founder of the famous tech news aggregator Techmeme, that my startup and I made an appearance in this week’s show. (Gabe was in NYC at the time and claims that he was just “flipping” through the channels). My favorite subject was going to be on . . . me! Read More


Look Out, New York: Randi Zuckerberg Is Casting for a New Techcentric Bravo Show Set in the Big Apple

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With 634,000 viewers tuning in for last week’s premiere of Start-Ups: Silicon Valley, newly-minted Bravo TV producer Randi Zuckerberg already has her sights set on New York. According to the Wall Street Journal, Zuckerberg Media, Bravo and the production house responsible for Start-Ups, Den of Thieves, have all confirmed that they’re planning a tech-focused show based in NYC. It won’t be a Start-Ups reboot for the Manhattan set, but according to the Journal, “Ms. Zuckerberg and her team are looking to expand and see what techie opportunities there are.” Read More


Start-ups Silicon Valley: Recapping Bravo’s Version of Startupland with a Valley Native


Last night marked the much-feared premiere of Bravo’s “Start-Ups: Silicon Alley“–a bikini clad-allegory about the startup world’s penchant for self-aggrandizing that vacillates somewhere between a light-hearted brother-sister romcom and “True Life: I Have No Fucking Clue How to Pitch a VC.” It’s your standard Andy Cohen clubhouse fare with the life cycle of an early stage company as a plot device.

But it’s hard for Betabeat, sitting pretty in New York City, to assess what, exactly, the show gets right and wrong about Valley culture. Is the primary mode of socialization really costume parties? Can you get humans to deliver room service to your dog just by saying “social media” three times? Thus we enlisted a native Spencer Chen to separate the real from the fake, borrowing from the recap format pioneered by chroniclers of that other cinéma véritée classic, “Gossip Girl.”

Last night my girlfriend and I hosted a viewing party for the premiere of Bravo’s latest reality show, “Start-Ups: Silicon Valley.” (Yes, startups is spelled with a hyphen and mixed caps and that alone should have been a signal of things to come). It’s definitely one of the more polarizing things to hit the Valley recently because this time, it’s personal. Danny Trinh, a well-known product designer for Path, captured the general sentiment: Read More


Bravo’s Start-ups: Silicon Valley Debuts Clips; Dave McClure Immediately Called ‘Disrespectful’

Mr. McClure (Screencap: BravoTV)

The moment you’ve all been waiting for is briskly approaching. Though the much-maligned Start-Ups: Silicon Valley reality show doesn’t premiere until Monday November 5th at 10 p.m., Bravo has begun publishing clips to its website in order to sate our boundless curiosity. AllThingsD picked up on the two drama-filled scenes, one of which features 500 Startups cofounder and noted giver of zero fucks Dave McClure. Read More