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Can an iPhone App Relieve Depression? The Developers of ‘HappyPlace’ Think So

Bummer. (Photo: Zazzle)

Just in time for your annual winter doldrums, a new app called HappyPlace purports to manage your moods and even combat bummed out feelings, the Guardian reports.

The app’s functions are based on research suggesting that depression could be caused or maintained by biased ways of thinking, “particularly around the processing of ambiguous faces,” the Guardian says. In other words, you should probably move out of New York City because other people’s resting bitchfaces could be making you depressed. Read More

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Disrupt the V: With Glow, Silicon Valley Wants to Get You Ladies Knocked Up

Screen shot 2013-08-08 at 1.58.50 PM

The quantified self movement, it seems, has finally reached America’s ovaries, which is how this reporter found herself listening to Max Levchin, the cofounder of Paypal, loudly hold forth about cervical mucous in an Upper East Side Le Pain Quotidian. He and his cofounder Mike Huang were in town to explain Glow, a fertility tracker that debuted in the App Store today. They’ve raised $6 million from Founders Fund, Andreessen Horowitz and others, in the hopes of helping more couples make babies.

That’s right: Silicon Valley has decided it’s time to disrupt your uterus. Read More

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Eat and Then Poop Out a Mini-Computer to Quantify Your Health

getty pills

Because a good ol’ thermometer is no longer high-tech enough, scientists have created a mini-computer inside a pill to measure core body temperature.

Pills such as the CorTemp from HQ Inc. are not quite ready for widespread use, but “some people on the cutting edge are already swallowing them to monitor a range of health data and wirelessly share this information with a doctor,” the New York Times’ Bits blog reports. The pills contain sensors and transmitters and are swallowed with water or milk. The devices stay intact while making their way through the intestinal tract. Read More

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Graydon Carter Isn’t Interested in Quantifying Himself, Thanks Very Much

Mr. Carter, stubbornly unquantified. (Photo:

Does any corner of New York society remain untouched by the go-go spirit of the raging tech boom? Apparently not.

It seems the culture of optimization has advanced even unto the lofty reaches of Vanity Fair, with this month’s issue containing an exploration of the quantified self by culture critic James Wolcott (not yet available online). And to tee up for his colleague’s column, no less a personality than head honcho Graydon Carter himself opened up the issue with his thoughts on the matter.

His editor’s letter begins, “Not to generalize, but mankind can be divided into three groups.” This’ll be good! Read More