Uh Oh, NSA: People Are Protesting Online and IRL Today

Two weeks ago, we called your attention to the forthcoming “Day We Fight Back,” an Internet movement designed to fight back against the NSA’s data collection program. Guess what? The day is finally here. Watch out, government.

Today, as planned, dozens of participating websites like Upworthy and Piwik are posting banners on their home pages, encouraging viewers to call up and email their local legislators and complain about the NSA. Read More


Rally to Encourage Facebook Users to Go Private Marches Through NYC and San Francisco Today

One protester in Times Square. (!/aliskyebennet)

Facebook is going public, but you don’t have to. That’s the message from Abine, a company that provides online privacy protection services for ordinary web users. Today Abine is promoting a bi-coastal flash mob that attracted privacy advocates to join a congo line through the rainy streets of Times Square in the name of making your Facebook profile private. Read More