Program or be Programmed

Program or be Programmed

Pair Programming is Like an ‘Endless Bad Blind Date’

(Photo: Global Nerdy)

If you work at a startup and have ever seen two engineers cozied up next to each other on a beanbag chair intently gazing into the same computer screen, you’ve probably got some pair programmers on your hands. Soon, like a couple who has soured on each other’s affection, they will quibble over the tiniest infractions and eat dinner sullenly, with nothing more to say to each other.

The concept of pair programming–two engineers sharing a computer and working on the same code together–is nothing new, butĀ The Wall Street JournalĀ has discovered the phenomenon and seems simultaneously shocked and awed by how it works. Read More

Program or be Programmed

More than 14,011* People Resolved to Learn Code This Year with Codecademy

The fun thing about writing this headline is that more than 100 people are currently signing up to learn to code this year with Codecademy’s new email program. So expect that number to grow rapidly. It’s at 14,011 right now, we’ll let you know where its at when we end this post.

Codecademy is a service that hopes to teach users to program over the web. They graduated from Y Combinator and raised $2.5 million from an impressive group of investors.

Today they introduced a new feature pegged to New Years. It’s called Code Year, and it’s a year long cycle of lessons that arrive in a weekly email. Read More