Private Eyes Are Watching You

Private Eyes Are Watching You

Facebook Graph Search Means You’re Back in the Personal Brand Curation Business


Yesterday, Facebook’s gamble on an Apple-esque press event paid off. The public markets punchline debuted “Graph Search,” a feature that recalled its pre-IPO promise. Some dared to wonder if the world’s largest social network, which can often feel like a steady stream of cross-posts from Twitter and Instagram, found a way to make itself “useful.” 

Through an intuitive search bar, users can easily sort all that data buried in “About” sections or deep the Timeline archives. Yelp can’t tell you which Indian restaurants your friends from India like. And, try as Search Plus Your World might, it wouldn’t be able to help you fill a Google+ circle with librarian friends who also like Beyoncé. Read More

Private Eyes Are Watching You

Supreme Court Argues Letting Cops Track Cars With GPS Will Send Us All Into 1984

Justice Breyer

The Supreme Court’s attempts to reconcile the principles of the Constitution with modern-day technology the founding fathers would likely have found unfathomable has led to some laughable arguments in the past. But this one took a turn for the paranoiac—perhaps rightfully so.

The court has yet to decide on the case of Antoine Jones, a nightclub owner in Washington who was sentenced to life in prison for conspiring to sell cocaine. The evidence for his conviction was a GPS device police placed in his Jeep Grand Cherokee without the proper warrant to track his movements for a month. The U.S. Court of Appeals for the D.C. circuit overturned the conviction claiming the amount of information collected violated Fourth Amendment rights protecting unlawful search and seizure. Read More