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Jay-Z’s 40/40 Club Gets the Swag Treatment: Tons and Tons of Duracell Powermat Chargers

Not cool! (Photo: JustJared)

Rapping mogul Jay-Z has 99 problems but an uncharged cell phone is certainly not one of them. In January, Mr. Carter signed up to be a spokesperson for Duracell’s Powermat charging station, a sleek little square that charges your cell phone just by resting your phone on top of it. Now, Mashable reports that HOVA has outfitted his swank 40/40 Club with Powermats, which should satisfy the attendees of those startup parties 40/40 has been hosting.

According to Mashable, the sports bar and lounge is “outfitted with Powermat charging stations through the resin-top bar area, VIP lounges and the stadium style seating with a view of the 165-inch state-of-the-art video walls.”

We be big pimpin‘ spendin volts. Wired charging is a hard knock life–once you have your moment of clarity you’ll realize the only way to run this town is with money, cash and Powermats.

Okay, we’re done.