Square Continues Poaching From PayPal

Jack Dorsey, CEO of Square (

Squares they most certainly are not. In an impressively cutthroat move by mobile payment startup Square, the team announced today that they poached PayPal’s VP of products for North America, Alyssa Cutright. PayPal has recently entered the market as a direct competitor to Square with their Dunder Mifflin-inspired mobile payment device, so the steal has to be a harsh blow. Read More


HuffPo’s Saul Hansell Makes Tracks for Betaworks


Betaworks just got an entrepreneur-in-residence with some old and new media cred: Saul Hansell, former Timesman and the founding editor of the Grey Lady’s Bits blog just announced he’s coming aboard. Mr. Hansell headed up AOL’s freelance network, (now “in the process of reformatting” and not giving out any new assignments, hm) before AOL bought the Huffington Post. “Seed is in fact thriving and will continue stronger than ever as part of AOL’s group, which is devoted to providing the best tools to online publishers and marketers,” Mr. Hansell wrote at the time.  Read More


Foursquare’s New Hire On Leaving Google and Taking Real-Time Data Personal

ashkay patil

Akshay Patil logged his first check in back in the summer of 2005, as a rookie Google employee working across the hall from Dodgeball. At the time he found it solved multiple problems – from goe-locating to group messaging – that are currently the rage among mobile apps. “Maybe because it was novel at the time, but one of my favorite experiences in the location space was with Dodgeball, long ago. Read More