Betabeat’s Spring 2012 Most Poachable Players in Tech

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Chrysanthe Tenentes

Silicon Alley may not have its own Bravo reality show, but if Mayor Bloomberg’s constant pomp and circumstance about New York City’s innovative spirit is any indication, New York’s startup scene is on the verge of exploding. For the first time since 1999, the tech sector beat out financial services this year in sheer number of office space leases; even formerly vacant areas like Dumbo are filled to the brim with hip tech havens.

Welcome to our Spring 2012 edition of the Most Poachable Players in Tech, a list of the most fearless devs, designers and tech whizzes you should be clamoring to snap up for your company.

The talent on this list is exceptional. Need a full-scale mobile app ushered from concept to app store in 48 hours? We’ve got someone who can do that for you. How about a brazen product leader who’s dressed to kill? They’re on our list, too. Don’t say we never did anything for ya. Read More