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What’s the Deal with Modern Technology? @SeinfeldToday Imagines How Jerry Would Cope

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UPDATE: The Wall Street Journal reports that man behind the @SeinfeldToday handle is Buzzfeed Sports editor Jack Moore

Before you give up on life without gChat, some total genius has arrived with a handy new Twitter distraction. @SeinfeldToday has managed to amass more than 9,000 followers in 18 hours by plotting out episodes of “Seinfeld” if Jerry & Co. were still bumbling through modern life–and its new-fangled technological pitfalls.  Read More

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We Must Stop the Trade in Blood iPhones


Actress Emmanuelle Chriqui, star of the HBO show Entourage and self-described “actor/activist,” just announced her support for the campaign on calling on Apple to make products with conflict-free minerals sourced from Eastern Congo. The petition has more than 56,000 e-signatures, but Apple is already orchestrating its own efforts: the company just released a sustainability report identifying the conflict minerals, tin, tantalum, tungsten and gold, and their origins. Read More

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Digital Black Friday: When Every Site Becomes a Flash Deal Site


Black Friday always blows up on Twitter. But some shoppers are using Twitter to find out about real time deals. “This is the first ‘Twitter holiday,'” pronounced Hayes Davis, Founder and CEO of Appotize, after Thanksgiving 2009 in a New York Post story about virtual sales. “This is the time where people are going to leverage this tool and the real-time nature of it.” Retailers are taking the concept of “real time” seriously. One trend among vendors is offering deals “for a limited time”–in some cases, as little as an hour–to get shoppers to jump at the offers. Read More

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The Battle for the Tweet: Twitter Wins!

They grow up so fast.

After a hard-won battle, Twitter has successfully trademarked the word “tweet,” according to The Telegraph, under the argument that Twitter made the word famous. Well, we’d be onboard with that.

But apparently Twittad, the ad network that lets power users blast out sponsored tweets, had got to the word first in 2008, trademarking the tagline “Let Your Ad Meet Tweets.” Later, Twittad’s lawyers argued that “because Twitter’s own users had come up with the term themselves it was entitled to seek ownership.”  Read More