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Teen on House Arrest Grows ‘Sick of Playing Xbox,’ Asks for Jail Time Instead


After 10 months on house arrest, a 19-year-old New Zealander has requested to serve the rest of his 11-month sentence in prison, as he’s grown “sick of playing Xbox.”

The New Zealand Herald reports that the unnamed man called up the local police station, told them he had “run out of Xbox games to play,” and would rather spend the final month of his sentence in a dark cell with other smelly dudes than shoot another stupid animated zombie. Read More

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Teenager Ruins Perfectly Good Sleepover By Destroying Friend’s Roleplaying Account

LOL, "RuneScape."

Talk about the worst sleepover ever: A Welsh teenager appeared in court Monday for logging on to his now-former friend’s profile for an online roleplaying game and trading away six years’ worth of credits. He wanted to get back at his friend for an earlier argument in the world’s most mature manner.

Further entrenching his status as a complete dick, suspect Keiron Belmont, 19, also stole two bottles of booze before fleeing. He was staying at victim Helen Jenkin’s house, who told the court that Mr. Belmont had unlawfully accessed her partner’s computer, entered the RuneScape account and depleted a half-decade’s worth of hard gaming. Read More

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All of Life Is a Zelda Game to Dennis Crowley

(Photo: Flickr)

If there was one salient lesson gleaned from the two-hour, day-glo sex romp that was Harmony Korine’s Spring Breakers, it was this: just pretend that life’s a video game. As it turns out, Foursquare CEO Dennis Crowley maintains the same mantra. At the Twofixsix conference in Brooklyn, presented by gaming magazine Kill Screen, Mr. Crowley told the crowd that his success in tech largely hinges on his love of video games. Read More

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Seeking a Cheap Thrill? Play Social Roulette and Risk a One in Six Chance of Having Your Facebook Account Deleted

(Photo: Social Roulette)

Update: Facebook has revoked API access for Social Roulette, effectively killing the app. Bang.

If you’ve long considered acquiescing to the groans of privacy wonks and straight up deleting your Facebook account, but couldn’t quite bring yourself to commit social media suicide, we may have found a solution for you.

Social Roulette is a game that gives you a one in six chance of deleting your Facebook account. If you lose, the game will delete all of your posts, friends, photos and other elements of your profile before completely deactivating it. If you’re lucky enough to survive, the message “I just played Social Roulette and survived” will be published to your wall. Read More

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Goodbye Cruel World: You Can Now Order Pizza Hut From Your Xbox

Art. (Photo: Polygon)

The future is finally here: Microsoft and Pizza Hut have launched a new app for Xbox Live that lets users order the Crazy Cheesy Crust Pizza (and other assorted items!) straight from their Xbox 360.  Users link their Xbox Live and Pizza Hut accounts (who has a Pizza Hut account?) and then purchases can be made via the game controller, voice input or Kinect gestures, which totally counts as exercise. Read More

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EA Is Even Less Popular Than Bank of America, Which Is Pretty Bad

Could've gone better.

Does anything rouse anger quite like gaming? Consumerist has just concluded its tournament for the worst company in America, and for the second year in a row, Electronic Arts took the top spot. That means Consumerist readers hate EA even worse than Bank of America, a company that’ll basically pick your pocket if you let your bank balance drop below a certain threshold. It wasn’t even close: 78 percent of voters picked EA. Read More

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Older Gamers Create Their Own Communities So They Don’t Have to Lose to ’12-Year-Old Girls from Japan’

(Photo: Old Ass Gamers)

Anyone who has ever logged onto Xbox Live is well aware of the fact that the community is littered with rage-filled tweens who think shouting homophobic epithets at unsuspecting competitors is the very height of trash talking. It’s enough to make you play all local games, especially as a woman, lest you be subjected to a slew of unimaginative insults every time you use your microphone or make a good kill. Read More