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Kim Kardashian’s Video Game Is Now Available to Ruin Your Life on Your Desktop Computer, Too

(Screengrab via Kim Kardashian: Hollywood)

If you’re as addicted to virtual “networking,” “flirting” and “reacting to backdrop change” as we are, we’ve got some equally bad and good news.

Kim Kardashian: Hollywood: the App is now available on the Mac App Store. “This allows people to play on their Mac Laptops and Desktop computer :-)” as Kim herself explained in an Read More

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Gamers Continue to Hear Sound Effects After They’ve Stopped Playing, Science Says

Stop... saying... Bible... (Wikimedia Commons)

Do you continue to hear a constant loop of “Bible!” long after you’ve stopped Kim Kardashian: Hollywood? You’re apparently not alone.

Gamers often continue hearing sound effects like screams and explosions long after they’ve stopped playing, new research from Nottingham Trent University’s International Gaming Research Unit says. The occurrence even has a scientific name: Game Transfer Phenomena (GTP).  Read More

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QuizUp Celebrates April Fool’s Day With Oddly Addictive New ‘Nonsense’ Category

quizup 1

Quite a few April Fool’s Day jokes have come through Betabeat’s transom today, but only one held our attention for more than 30 seconds: QuizUp’s new “general nonsense” quiz category.

The wildly popular QuizUp app matches you with strangers or friends to compete in a variety of categories, from Harry Potter to Ancient Rome to general knowledge. They introduce new categories pretty frequently, but usually they follow the SAT-multiple-choice format of one question with three wrong answers and the right one. Read More

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The New Grand Theft Auto V Game Lets You Kill a Mark Zuckerberg Look-Alike

Zuckerberg? (Photo: New York Post/Rockstar North)

Mark Zuckerberg just can’t catch a break. Players of the newly released Grand Theft Auto V say there’s a Zuckerberg imitator featured in the game who can be hunted down and killed. And the similarities are pretty striking.

The New York Post reports that there is a character named “Jay Norris,” who is the founder of a fictional social network dubbed “Lifeinvader,” and claims he’s “clearly inspired” by Zuck. Just like the real Zuck, the character dons a drab sweater and has lightly gingered hair, though his notable sheen of sweat is missing. Read More

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Study Foiled When Researchers Can’t Find Men Who Play Computer Games for Less Than 2 Hours a Day


When attempting to complete a study on how playing the computer game “StarCraft” impacts mental faculties, researchers at Queen Mary University of London and University College London ran into a minor snag: For their sample pool, they’d need inexperienced gamers to participate, but they couldn’t find any men who fit that criteria. Guess your boyfriend isn’t so abnormal after all. Read More

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CNBC Says Call of Duty, Not Crippling Insecurity and Sriracha Breath, Is the Reason Some Guys Can’t Get Dates

Obviously what all gamers look like. (Photo:

When video games aren’t precipitating violent acts IRL or dangerously cutting into study time, they’re also keeping young men from nailing chicks. The future is terrible, isn’t it?

In a segment for CNBC’s The Kudlow Report, two experts–one an online matchmaker named Lori Zaslow and the other CNBC contributor Carrol Roth–attempted to parse just what first person shooter games like Call of Duty are doing to the young men of America.

Naturally, obsessive gamers who opt for virtual worlds instead of reality are being deprived of important rites of passages like feverishly making out in parked cars then running home to brag about it on Reddit. Read More