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planet netflix

Netflix’s New Show ‘Marco Polo’ Is an Extended Metaphor For Netflix’s World Domination Plans

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Netflix and might be eating traditional television whole, but Netflix’s user growth could be slowing down here in the U.S. as they reach market saturation in the U.S.. Luckily, the United States is less than five percent of the world’s population.

Over the weekend New York Times took a look at Marco Polo, a Netflix original show which will largely feature Kublai Khan, a man who wants to bring the whole world under his domain. How appropriate. Netflix Chief Content Officer Ted Sarandos told the Times that not only is the show a major play at an international audience, but an analogy for what Netflix is going through. Read More

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Netflix CEO: Broadcast TV Will Be Dead By 2030

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If you checked Nielsen Ratings, you’d think that the only people watching TV were age 54 and older (and you’d be right), and that Millennials are a black hole of immeasurable Internet content consumption—that is, until Nielsen starts measuring Netflix traffic next month.

But what does Netflix CEO Reed Hastings think about Nielsen’s bold step forward? Meh. Earlier this week, in Mexico City, he said that it’s “not very relevant” either way, according to The Hollywood Reporter. Read More

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Netflix Wants You to Join Their Elite Team of Paid Binge Watchers

You, soon. (

We don’t care if you’re a professional puppy walker or the Kardashians’ private pilates instructor; there’s no way your job, however amazing it may be, beats the one for which Netflix is currently hiring.

The online streaming giant is on the hunt for someone in the UK or Ireland to join their team of professional taggers, Time reports. In laymen’s terms, taggers are responsible for sitting at home and binge-watching a butt load of Netflix, and then categorizing the stuff they watch with specific tags. Those tags, coupled with Netflix’s super secret algorithms, help Netflix give its users more specific recommendations.  Read More

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Netflix Grows While Premium Cable Channel Subscriptions Drop

An HBO exec reading this. (Photo: HBO)

HBO is soon going to have a bigger breakdown than Amy Jellicoe: a new study reveals that consumers are spending their money on streaming video on-demand services (like Netflix and Hulu Plus) and getting rid of their subscriptions to premium cable movie channels, reports Variety

In the past 18 months, total U.S. households that subscribe to Netflix and similar services increased four percentage points to 27 percent. However, during the same time, the number of households who shelled out roughly $10 a month for the pay movie channels dropped six points to 32 percent. Read More