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Majority of Brides Surprisingly Okay With Having Glassholes at Their Weddings

Who knew this Glass-lover could be a trendsetter? (Screengrab:

Your wedding day is the one time in your life when you’re allowed to pull the bride card and politely boss your loved ones around. You can tell them what kinds of clothes to wear, where they should stand at certain times, what to eat — the possibilities are endless.

So it’s surprising that, on the one day of their lives when they could ban Google Glass from their surroundings in good conscience, many brides say they’d be okay with people wearing face computers to their weddings. And to think, just a few months ago, the brides of America were starting to seem like normal humans. Read More

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With Showrooms and Party Decks, Those Mysterious Google Barges Would Make for Great Bar Mitzvah Rentals

Pimp my barge. (Photo: KPIX)

The mystery of those Google barges floating in San Francisco and Portland might’ve been solved, and so we’ve got an early candidate for the oddest SXSW stunt ever. For the past few days, speculation was that the four-story, windowless structures were giant retail spaces for Google Glass, and now KPIX-TV has all but confirmed those suspicions. Read More

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The Coast Guard Cruised By a Google Barge Just to Say Hi, Check In

Google barge. (Photo by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images)

The mystery of the supposed Google barges is no closer to a solution. At this point, it’s not even 100 percent confirmed that Google’s actually involved, much less that the barges contain an invading force of Singularitarian shock troops (our pet theory).

We do know that the Coast Guard has paid one of the San Francisco structures a visit. However, they refuse to say what, if anything, they know about the floating riddles. All a spokesman would tell the San Jose Mercury News was the drive-by was related to neither fire nor medical emergency.

However, we do have an idea how this how the scene played out. Betabeat’s best guess: Read More

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Somehow They Made Google Glass a Little Dorkier

This is my crown. (Photo: Google)

Google recently announced that later this year, Glass Explorers will get a chance to swap out their prototype future specs for an updated model.

Yesterday, the company released photos of what they’ll be receiving. It looks pretty much the same, except now it’ll come with a “mono earbud” that will make the apparatus look, if possible, even dorkier. The good news is it’s detachable, so get excited about another addition to your tangled sack o’ electronics. Read More

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Google’s Mysterious Barge in San Francisco Might Be a Retail Store, Not an Evil Lair

The barge. (Photo: KPIX)

Over the weekend, rumors swirled in San Francisco about a mysterious, Google-owned barge that was creeping around (actual name!) Treasure Island. Speculation as to the nature of the four-story, windowless structure ranged from floating data center to, our guess, a Crossfit studio for Sergey Brin’s biceps.

Stop guessing because KPIX-TV has it all figured out: It’s a giant store for Google Glass. Read More