That Pirate Bay Founder Is Going Back To Jail

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Torrenting has a very bad rap. The BitTorrent protocol can be used for good — it was the inspiration for Bitcoin, and the basis for BitTorrent Sync, Bundles and Bleep — but most people associate it with illegal file sharing. That’s in no small part due to the fact that Pirate Bay’s most visible founder is a black hat who can’t keep himself out of jail.

Today, Gottfrid Svartholm was sentenced to three and a half years in a Denmark prison, which is the worst kind of prison according to Hamlet. Mr. Svartholm’s crime this time around has nothing to do with the Pirate Bay, but hacking into an American tech firm called CSC. This new conviction comes briefly on the heels of an acquittal for allegedly hacking into a Swedish bank to siphon off money. Read More


Bad News for Knicks Fans: Manhattan U.S. Attorney Just Knocked Out 16 Sports Streaming Sites

monday night raw

No pirate is safe from the increasingly digitally-inclined Manhattan U.S. Attorney’s office. “MANHATTAN U.S. ATTORNEY ANNOUNCES CHARGES AGAINST MICHIGAN MAN FOR ILLEGALLY STREAMING LIVE SPORTING EVENTS OVER THE INTERNET,” screamed a press release this morning.

A complaint spells out exactly when and where investigators accessed the 16 websites operated by Cedar Rapids-based Yonjo Quiroa, alias Ronaldo Solano, in order to furtively stream events such as Wizards vs. 76ers, Magic vs. Celtics and World Wrestling Entertainment’s Monday Night Raw. Did the detectives allow themselves to watch any of the 31 broadcasts they documented, just a little bit? Did they choke back a cheer when the Knicks trounced the Bobcats?

Speaking of the Knicks, the shutdown of the sites is poor timing for the team’s fans. A month-long spat between Madison Square Garden and Time Warner has prevented New Yorkers from watching the games. Read More