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Pirate's Life

Music Festivals Encourage Sweaty, Molly-Addled Rave Monsters to Pirate MP3s, Spotify Claims

These Glasto revelers totally look like the type to pay for their music. (Photo: Getty)

Young people who attend week-long music festivals to get wasted and rub up against each other may not be the upstanding citizens you thought they were, Spotify’s researchers insist.

Instead, Spotify found that after festivals, youngs are keen to “sample [artists’ music] through unauthorized channels,” which is fancy BBC-speak for stealing music on the Internet. Read More

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Leader in IMAGiNE Piracy Ring Receives Longest Sentence Yet For Movie Piracy

Information freedom view of piracy explained. (

Portsmouth, Virginia resident Jeramiah Perkins may have just received the longest prison sentence yet for movie piracy. Mr. Perkins, age 40, was sentenced Thursday to five years in prison for leading IMAGiNE, a movie piracy ring with a reputation for often being the first to leak newly-released flicks on the Internet.

A press release from the Department of Justice states that once Mr. Perkins leaves prison he will serve three years on supervised release and pay $15,000 in restitution. Read More

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Wife of Creative Commons Founder Seeking Donations for Aaron Swartz’s Legal Defense

Troll Face IRL (Photo: Creative Commons)

Yesterday, we told you about the new charges being brought against early Reddit employee and activist coder Aaron Swartz. He’s now facing 13 federal counts after allegedly downloading large portions of JSTOR, an academic database filled with articles and data, in order to release it to the public for free use.

Today it seems that Mr. Swartz has a potentially influential ally in his corner–Bettina Neuefeind, wife of Creative Commons founder Larry Lessig. Read More

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Early Reddit Employee Aaron Swartz Charged with 13 Felonies for Downloading Academic Docs

Mr. Swartz (Photo: Wikipedia)

You may remember activist coder Aaron Swartz, an early Reddit employee who was charged with four felonies last year for daring to illegally download academic articles off of JSTOR through the MIT network. Now, the 25-year-old Mr. Swartz, who serves as the executive director of the progressive political action committee Demand Progress, has been charged by the federal government with nine more felonies for breaching hacking laws, bringing the total to 13. Read More

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Kim Dotcom, Recording Industry’s Arch Enemy, is Releasing an Album

Mr. Dotcom performing "Megaupload Mega Song"

Hot on the heels of his celebrity-crammed hit track “Megaupload Mega Song,” Megaupload founder and 50 Cent aficionado Kim Dotcom is releasing an album, according to TorrentFreak.

Mr. Dotcom had his bail limits modified today and has been granted Internet access, as well as permission to make two trips a week to a recording studio in Auckland, where he can continue to work on an album featuring “several international artists.” Read More

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Kim Dotcom Claims the U.S. Government is Flush with Megaupload Users

(Image via

Slick hot-tub dwelling playboy and Megaupload founder Kim Dotcom is currently out on bail awaiting an extradition hearing in August, much to the chagrin of the FBI. But despite the slew of piracy-loving groupies attempting to nab a piece of that sweet, sweet billionaire tail, Dotcom has his sights set on more noble ventures: stopping the federal government from deleting all Megaupload user data. Read More