Pics or It Didn't Happen

Pics or It Didn't Happen

Here Are 25 Celebrities Who Are Unknowingly Helping Randos on Tinder Get Laid

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Having Skrillex in your picture makes you the epitome of cool (Tumblr).

Have you ever run into Oprah, Taylor Swift or Bill Nye the Science Guy? If the answer is “yes,” we have no doubt that you took a selfie and made it your Facebook profile photo for at least six months.

Chances are that you also made it your Tinder picture too, because what gets a conversation going faster than, “WOW is that actually Ice-T from Law and Order SVU in your profile picture???!!!” Read More

Pics or It Didn't Happen

And Here Are Pics of David Karp Hanging With Terry Richardson and Jared Leto

Are we imagining it, or is there a certain similarity around the eyes? (Photo: Terry's Diary)

Has tech wunderkind David Karp decided to take his fashion career to the next level? As we’ve noted before, Mr. Karp has something of a sideline in the modeling business, having appeared in campaigns for both Uniqlo and J. Crew, as well as a Silicon Alley-themed spread in Vanity Fair. Now, via a tipster, it appears that these days, he’s just chillin’ with fashion photographer and noted wearer of creepy uncle glasses Terry Richardson. Read More

Pics or It Didn't Happen

Instagram Adds Photo Maps, Inspiring a Pandemic of Vacation Envy

Instagram's new look. (Photo: Instagram's blog)

Guess the tiny team at Instagram (still a mere 14 people) isn’t letting the legal maneuvering around their acquisition become a distraction. The company just released incarnation 3.0 of its mobile photo-sharing app. The crucial change: The addition of Photo Maps, a new feature that will allow users to organize their geo-tagged pics (and browse others’) geographically.

Inspiring travel envy among your friends has never been so easy.

The company blog proclaims: Read More

Pics or It Didn't Happen

Japan’s Instagram Alternative Taps Into Your Inner Tweenage Sticker Fiend


American audiences have discovered a Japanese version of Instagram called Pick and Buzzfeed is nearly beside itself with the possibilities. “I’m pretty sure I’m never switching back,” swoons FWD’s John Herrman. What makes Pick so much <3 <3 <3-ier than its domestic counterpart? Stickers! There are puppy stickers, and straw hat stickers and bunny wabbit stickers, and alphabet stickers–all the better to spell out squeeeeeee! Read More

Pics or It Didn't Happen

CEO Avi Muchnick on Why Aviary Distanced Itself from Flash and Pivoted Towards Mobile

Mr. Muchnick, right, with some unidentified broad.

Aviary, the  Made in NYC startup behind a robust suite of editing software,  announced the release of an iPad SDK today. It’s been just a few weeks since Aviary launched its mobile SDK. But as AllThingsD reports, the iPad SDK as well as several new API extensions represents a big pivot away from Flash.

In fact, although Aviary started out by bringing Adobe-esque multimedia editing to Web browsers via Flash, CEO Avi Muchnick says Aviary will no longer be adding to that tool set and will instead focusing on mobile. “It wasn’t part of the road map for the company,”Mr. Muchnick told Betabeat. After watching mobile  grow to 50 percent of overall Aviary usage in just a few weeks, it appears the company is onto something big. Read More