Hurricane Relief Goes Viral, With a Little Help From Tumblr and Indiegogo

(Photo: Indiegogo)

Sandy’s gone but techie do-gooders are still coming out of the woodwork with new relief efforts. The latest: Popular photography blog Humans of New York is devoting the next ten days to chronicling the hurricane and its impact. It’s pretty much impossible to see the images without wanting to help. And so the site is also partnering with Tumblr to raise money for the afflicted, with an Indiegogo fundraiser.

The campaign, which went live last night, is already at $92,000 raised–well on the way to the $100,000 overall goal. It’s amazing how far 6,700 Tumblr notes can get you. Read More


Andreessen Horowitz Pledges to Donate Half Its Venture Capital Income to Charity

That is a face that says, "Ha-HA!"

For as much as venture capitalists like to position themselves as disruptors–they stood with the 99 percent and not the 1 percent during Occupy Wall Street–they are, after all, barons in their own right. And now they’re following the philanthropic model of their corporate brethren and donating at the firm, rather than the individual, level. Today, Marc Andreessen and Ben Horowitz promised to donate at least half of their venture capital income from Andreessen Horowitz to charity.

Historically, TechCrunch notes, “major philanthropy in the industry has mostly come from individuals, like John Doerr and Michael Moritz.” Perhaps Mr. Andreessen has been influenced by some pillow talk? In December, the New York Times profiled his wife Laura Arrillaga-Andreessen’s attempts to encourage “tech titans like her husband to become as famous for giving money as they are for making it,” before they retire. She advised Mark Zuckerberg and his girlfriend Priscilla Chan, for example, on their $100 million donation to Newark public schools. Read More