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Listen, a Foldable Bed That ‘Lets’ You Sleep At Work Is Not a Perk

Cozy. (Photo:

In today’s startup culture, kegs of beer in the office kitchen are only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to office perks. Working at a startup seems pretty cushy most of the time–except when bonuses like nap pods and hammocks mean staying at work longer than you ever thought possible.

A Dutch innovation called the Fold Inn is one such insidious perk. It’s a bunch of wood panels that fold out into a tiny bedroom, so you’ll never have to leave work again! From Fold Inn’s website: Read More

Perk Up

Do Startups Get Run Down by Passive-Aggressive Perks? The Downsides of Unlimited Everything

The Tipping Point Partners office (Photo: Tipping Point)

Like cushy sign-on bonuses or drool-worthy stock options, perks are a potent recruiting tool for startups, dangled before potential hires like a treat before a ravenous animal. Expensive, Steve Jobs-approved gear and kitchens overflowing with every snack imaginable are treated like they’re the equivalent of platinum health insurance.

We get it–having a thriving, enjoyable Read More