Patent Wars

Patent Wars

Boston University Says Apple Infringed One of Its Patents and Now Wants $$$

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Well, here’s one way to beef up the old endowment: GigaOm reports Boston University has filed suit against Apple, accusing the company of jacking one of its patents for use in products like the iPhone 5, iPad and MacBook Air.

BU wants sales stopped, plus a big old stack of cash: “The “University is, therefore, entitled to such damages pursuant to 35 U.S.C. §284 in an amount that presently cannot be pled but that will be determined at trial,” according to the complaint.

Beats the hell out of trying to extract money from the alumni! Read More

Patent Wars

TechStars Adopts Twitter’s Patent Agreement

Mr. Cohen

Look out, Microsoft: patent troll haters are emerging in full force, and by golly they will not let you stifle innovation. After yesterday’s news that Twitter had adopted a Patent Agreement meant to stymie the patent wars, everyone practically fell over themselves in an effort to congratulate Twitter on its innovative thinking. The new agreement says that Twitter will not use patents offensively, and any company that acquires patents from Twitter has to get the innovator’s consent before using them offensively. It’s a smart PR move, and will no doubt further endear engineers and tech watchers to the microblogging service.

Now, startup accelerator TechStars has announced that it intends to insert these patent hack provisions into its own policy, and encourage all of the startups it incubates to do the same. Read More