Kickstarter Wins Small Victory in Patent Lawsuit With 2000-Era Crowdfunding Site


Kickstarter just had a small victory in a lawsuit filed to shake loose what it considers an attempted patent troll. ArtistShare, a site that was founded in 2000 in order to let fans fund creative projects, had been hoping to get some compensation out of Kickstarter. Instead, the three-year-old Kickstarter took them to court—not what ArtistShare wanted. And last month in a New York court, a judge denied a motion to dismiss filed by ArtistShare.

In the denial of the motion to dismiss, a judge wrote that “there is a sufficient controversy between the parties that is both immediate and real.” That means the court will consider Kickstarter’s request for a definitive judgment on the validity of a crowdfunding patent owned by ArtistShare. Read More


Apple Wins Patent Ruling Against HTC, HTC is All Like ‘Doesn’t Matter, We’re Still Awesome, LOL’


Apple is protective over their patents. You could imagine why. You could also imagine that, given the opportunity to accuse one of their largest competitors of infringing upon their patents, that they would seize upon it. That happened, and of course, they did. And today, they won, and HTC’s patent-violating phones will be banned from being imported starting on April 19, 2012.

Not that HTC cares that much.

Or that it matters. Read More