Patent Absurdities

Patent Absurdities

Pinterest and Path Attempt to Out-Douche Each Other Over the Letter ‘P’

(Photo: Gadgetsteria)

There are thousands of startups out there solving important, systemic problems that have been plaguing communities for years. Pinterest, a social network for sharing pictures of butts, and Path, a social network for sharing pictures of your butt with an elite circle of friends, are not two of them.

Now, Techcrunch reports that the platforms are dueling over the letter “P.” This is where tech is today, everyone. Soak it up. Read More

Patent Absurdities

Wall Street Knocks Down Dumb Patents—When Will Tech Do the Same?


Lobbying by Wall Street has led to the insertion of a clause in recently-passed bill that will allow the banking industry to avoid paying for “certain important patents involving ‘business methods.'” This is a way of getting at frivolous patent lawsuits and extortionist trademark suits, as the definition for patentable “business method” has stretched so far beyond the credulous imagination: Read More