Password Pity

Password Pity

This Company Wants to Replace Half-Baked Passwords With the Rhythm of Your Heart

Spiffy nails, too.

Have you reached such a fever pitch of password-related frustration that if you have to reset your iCloud account on more time, you might hurl your laptop out the window? (This reporter sure has!) Well, here’s a promising development, courtesy of the Verge. A company called Bionym has produced a wristband, called the Nymi, which turns your heart’s electrical activity into a kind of universal key that can replace your half-baked workstation login.

Ultimately, the goal is for it to unlock your front door, pay for your coffee, and replace all your impossibly difficult passwords, as well. Read More

Password Pity

Celebrities and Socialites Can’t Remember Their Passwords, Either

Poor Parker Posey (Photo: The Cinema Source)

Stars, they’re just like us: Unable to remember the plethora of gibberish passwords dictated by our countless web accounts. Of course, this is an entirely common problem, one experienced by the famous and non-famous alike. But this is also the New York Times Styles section, and talking to rich people is much more fun.

The actress Parker Posey writes her passwords on scraps of paper before promptly forgetting what website they’re for. The musician Courtney Love uses mnemonics that correlate to her favorite songs. Lawyer Olivia Kraus is outraged that security questions play favorites, like “What’s your favorite food?”

“The whole favorite thing is so juvenile,” she told the paper of record. Read More