Find the Melinda to Your Bill: Introducing Betabeat Singles


Just because you spend a startling slice of your waking life glued to a screen doesn’t mean you want a computer making complex decisions for you–particularly when it comes to your love life. Most dating enterprises operate upon sophisticated algorithms designed to match people with similar interests, but what’s lost in that digital approach is the ineffable human aspect to matchmaking, someone to look you both in the eye and make an informed match that will send so many sparks flying you’ll feel like you’re in an animated GIF posted to a teen girl’s Tumblr.

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Birchbox Teams Up With Gwyneth Paltrow’s Goop for Special-Edition Box and Online Shop

(Photo: Birchbox)

After acquiring its French competitor JolieBox last month, Birchbox announced a new partnership today with Gwyneth Paltrow’s lifestyle site, Goop. The limited edition box, which will be sent out to subscribers this October, will be curated by the team at Goop. Since the box comes with sample-size products, Birchbox will also be offering a special edition online store where users can buy the full size item. Read More


Qwiki Partners with Bing to Create Playable, Visual Search Results

Mr. Imbruce (Photo: Twitter)

If you read anything about interactive media startup Qwiki today, you probably ran into the trope that the New York-based startup had “disappeared” over the last year. And it’s true, to some extent–we hadn’t thought about Qwiki since shortly after its 2011 launch. But Doug Imbruce, Qwiki’s cofounder and CEO, strongly disagrees with this assessment.

“These reporters like to compress the tech hype cycles even more than they already are,” Mr. Imbruce told Betabeat over the phone today with a laugh. “We launched one of the year’s most popular iPad apps that won an award. We’ve increased traffic. I don’t know if we went underground, but our whole vision was always for not just a reference experience but also to release a publishing platform and ultimately develop a new media format. That takes time.” Read More