Webutante Ball, Year Four

Mr. Pacheco and Ms. Appelwick. (Photo: Nick McGlynn)

The scene outside Marquee, a 700-some capacity club on 10th Ave. and 26th, was dramatic. Three fire engines wailed, police cars pulling up behind them, beside a long line of well-heeled public relations professionals that snaked around the block. A middle-aged man carrying a brown sack was getting into it with the bouncer. “I was invited, and this asshole…” Never attempt to gain leverage with one bouncer by berating the bouncer next to him. He will never take your side. “Who do you think you fuckin’ are?” the guest asked, before he turned and performed a pissy walk north. Read More


Yo Etsy, It’s Your Birthday

rob kalin

It’s Etsy’s sixth birthday! “In June of 2005 while living alone in a wood shop and wanting some company, I came upon the idea of Etsy, and then the name, and then the design. I was twenty five years old with three cats,” Etsy’s red-haired founder Rob Kalin writes in his bio on the crafty marketplace. “Now, in 2011, I’m still living in Brooklyn, I’m 30 years old, and I have two cats.”

And Etsy, in 2011, is handling on the order of $400 million in sales in 150 countries and has more than nine million members, more than a billion page views per month. It’s constantly expanding its Dumbo offices and just rented new space in a Silicon Valley data center. And men use the site now.

Naturally, Etsy’s having a party tonight (’cause it’s their birthday).


Drown, Internet, Drown!

Dispatch from The Transom.

The New York startup bubble burst Monday night at Jimmy, the James Hotel’s rooftop lounge, sending a spray of water toward attendees at the Geekosystem Internet Week party. It seems one former Facebook employee-turned-financier had paid a former colleague at the social network $1,500 to jump into the swank, off-limits, ornamental pool. Read More


Betabeat Arrives at the Webutante Ball Before Judah Friedlander, But After the Shark

Webbies assemble for photographer Diana Levine. (Photo: Cody Brown)

The Third Annual Webutante Ball: It was fun! Mark Zuckerberg, who reportedly drank all the premium liquor in Midtown on Saturday, was not there, but the small-fry start-up folk Betabeat loves to cover almost all were.

We had our ID checked on the way into Marquee–Meatpacking District, standard–and ran immediately into social media anti-guru Alex Blagg, standing in front of a red carpet that was really a red rug, and dapper in his trademark bow-tie and jacket, preparing to shoot a video for Gawker TV mogul-turned Thrillist managing editor Richard Blakeley, the event’s creator.

Who was there that we should interview? Betabeat asked. “Me,” he said. We promised we would. Read More


Webutante Ball Opens Secret Presale Because Last Year Sold Out Too Fast

webutante ball

“In about one week, tickets to the Webutante Ball will be on sale. If you haven’t heard of it, the Webutante Ball is a big party for tech nerds, with all proceeds from tickets going to the Michael J. Fox Foundation,” organizer Simon Kirk of TechiesGiveBack writes in an email blast. “Last year the event sold out in five hours, which meant that some of our friends didn’t get to come. This year we are secretly opening up ticket sales to our friends one week ahead of the general public. You can share the link but please avoid the tweets.” Buy now, he cautions, or you may not get to go. General admission tickets are $35.