Parker Parade

Parker Parade

Doomed to Forever Be Confused With Justin Timberlake, Sean Parker Laments Backlash to His Lavish Forest Wedding

(Photo:, John Perry Barlow)

Poor handsome, successful millionaire Sean Parker. Not only is he doomed to forever be confused with Justin Timberlake’s obnoxiously bro-ish portrayal of him in The Social Network, but he’s also been forced to cancel his honeymoon following the deafening backlash caused by his fantasy forest wedding. Can’t a super rich guy catch a break around here? Read More

Parker Parade

Sean Parker Says No, His Wedding Didn’t Wreck the Redwoods

Sean Parker and Alexandra Lenas at their hobbit wedding (via Business Insider)

Like the proverbial knight in shining armor, Sean Parker is riding to the defense of his own wedding. In response to the charges that his event basically trashed a redwood forest in Big Sur, he wrote a heartfelt letter to the Atlantic, which originally uncovered the report alleging damages.

For starters? “First and foremost is that nobody goes out of their way to get married in a redwood forest unless they really love redwood forests.” He continues: Read More

Parker Parade

Good Job Wreaking Sauron-Like Destruction on an Ancient Redwood Forest, Sean Parker

Tacky as hell, too. (CCC report)

So it turns out Sean Parker and Alexandra Lenas’s John William Waterhouse wonderland wedding has an ugly side, one more befitting (to mix fantasy series metaphors) the evil, havoc-wreaking Sauron than the classy elven queen Galadriel. The millions of dollars worth of illegal construction for the affair, it turns out, basically trashed an ecologically sensitive area in a redwood forest, which even a second-grade child could warn you against tampering with.

Magical, my ass. Read More

Parker Parade

Whoops! Sean Parker Maybe Didn’t Get the Permits to Build That Lavish Wedding Set

Okay, Elrond. (Photo: TMZ)

It’s not a party ’til someone calls the cops! Or, in Sean Parker’s case, the local county planning department.

The Carmel Pine Cone (nice) reports that Mr. Parker didn’t secure the proper permits for the millions’ worth of building he’s doing at his wooded wedding venue in Big Sur. And so the Monterey County planning department (and also maybe the California Coastal Commission, yikes) has started poking around whether they’ve violated local construction restrictions: Read More

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Sean Parker Reportedly Living at the Plaza, Just Like Eloise

So, yeah.

Sounds like Napster cofounder, former Facebook president and Airtime never-you-mind Sean Parker is planning his $9 million wedding in suitably lavish surroundings.

For the last two years, Mr. Parker’s West Village townhouse has been undergoing renovations. But that doesn’t mean Mr. Parker, his khaleesi and his daughter have simply been working around the general contractors. Nope! The Daily Mail reports that instead, the couple has relocated to the Plaza Hotel. Read More