Now Facebook Is Down So Everyone Go Home and We’ll Start Over Tomorrow [Updated]

(Photo: Down for Everyone)

This day, a day that will live in infamy, has levied blows at both productivity and procrastination. Earlier today Gmail went down for a solid hour, with Gchat inaccessible for even longer. And now, prior to 6 p.m., as everyone is figuring out how to spend the last few moments of the work day appearing to get something done while actually logging on to fruitless social media sites, Facebook has gone down for some. Read More


Amazon EC2-Related Issues Took Down Reddit, Imgur and Other Sites [Updated]

(Photo: Reddit)

Update 4:35 p.m.: Reddit appears to be slowly coming back up; Betabeat can access the front page but still gets a “Reddit is Down” alert when we click over to specific subreddits.

Update 4:15 p.m.: Sites using Amazon Web Service’s EC2 are experiencing major network issues. After an issue with Amazon’s Elastic Compute Cloud cropped up around 2 p.m. this afternoon, other services such as Amazon’s Relational Database Service and ElastiCache began reporting problems. Amazon claims it is working on a fix, but major sites such as Reddit, Foursquare and Imgur are still being affected by these issues.

Office drones and journalists hungering for a web-friendly scoop are out of luck right now: Reddit, the massive link-aggregator site responsible for the vast majority of content on sites like BuzzFeed, is down. @RedditStatus tweeted the following: “The site is down right now. It appears to be a network-related issue. We are investigating.” It was inaccessible when Betabeat tried to log on, serving us only that coyly smiling alien and the note “Reddit is down.”

Upon further investigation, it appears that Amazon’s cloud hosting service, EC2, is experiencing issues. A slew of startups began tweeting that they were experiencing network issues, including GitHub, Heroku, GameFAQsImgurTurntable, CourseraAirbnb, FlipboardBranch, Foursquare, NakedApartments and MongoLab. Minecraft is also down, so people on the Internet officially have no idea what to do with themselves.

Maybe we should all like, go outside or something? Read More